Pick the Gender of Your Baby™; a Better Method than Chinese Calendar For Pregnancy

Many couples must have a common question; are there any natural steps towards choosing the gender of your baby before conception? Of course there are! One of the famous ones is using Chinese Calendar for Pregnancy method. This method is something your parents might suggest in , to be pregnant fast or to decide whether your baby is either a boy or a girl. Pregnancy is, no doubt, one of the most important moments in your entire life; that is to say, you had better give more attention to this precious moment. Anyways, this article won’t tell you on how to get pregnant easily or to get plan your family by controlling pregnancy. It will mainly focus on deciding or determining what your baby’s gender will be. Yep. Don’t you think it is great to know or even decide your baby’s gender before it was born; at least, many parents nowadays think so.

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Especially if you are living under a strong culture and probably superstition, you might believe that can help you out to decide and know your baby’s gender. Before go on to this part, let’s firstly examine why people really think such pregnancy calendar works. Several decades ago, technology in pregnancy and medical had not been invented; which was why out parents and descendant really much on their calendar and stuffs

Nowadays, however, I assure you that there are many technologies and medical stuffs that can help you in dealing with pregnancy. From this part, let us no longer involve ancient items as chinese calendar for pregnancy, because it will look somewhat ridiculous. Anyways, there has been a kind of system and technique that is obviously helpful in dealing with pregnancy, particularly in deciding the gender of the baby. Especially if you are a technology savvy person who browses much, you will easily find this technique in any forums and articles; just make sure you are reading reliable sources. Here are few things about this system, and on what makes it perfect for you.

Pick the Gender of Your Baby™ Method Works Better than Chinese Calendar

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I simply think that Pick the Gender of Your Baby™ is much better method than chinese calendar for pregnancy, as I had proven it myself!

So, let me tell you my very own experience…

Before my husband and I decided to have kids, we had a never ending discussion; I wanted a girl and my husband wanted a boy! Then finally we came to an agreement, what we called as a win-win solution. We planned our first kid to be a boy and our second kid was a girl. But many of our friends were laughing at us, they said “why are you arguing about something that you can’t control? You just have to accept the reality… You will know you baby gender when you are pregnant!”. At that time, I thought my friends were right. It is impossible to select the gender of my baby. Then, I did a quite extensive research; asking the doctors, reading pregnancy books, as well as browsing the internet. Then, I found Pick the Gender of Your Baby™ method, which claims that it can help you to . Initially, I was very skeptical about this method. But I thought, it wouldn’t harm to try, as it is a natural method anyway. So, I tried this method to plan for a baby boy. And honestly, I think that was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. Pick the Gender of Your Baby™  method had worked well and my son was born in 2005.

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Knowing Pick the Gender of Your Baby™ worked well with my first kid, I decided to use that method again for my second kid. But this time, it had to be a girl as I always wanted :-) . And believe it or not, Pick the Gender of Your Baby™ method worked well again and it gave me a baby girl in 2008.

And do you know what I like the most with Pick the Gender of Your Baby™  method? That is because this method is so simple and more importantly, it is 100% natural! You will not find such complicated medical procedure that needs thousands of dollars and a lot of your valuable time. Besides, this modern technique causes no harm and no pain, so you do not have to worry about running the process. You will find this method even works better than the Chinese calendar method or other traditional method.

There are several other benefits in Pick the Gender of Your Baby™ method, and that is the program is written in a systematic manner with graphics and stuffs. The graphics will help you to understand the system clearly; so, there is no need to have an experience in applying it. Another benefit it offers is that , and I believe this is the character you would like to have in every pregnancy or medical program.

In one single sentence I can say that Pick the Gender of Your Baby™ technique worked for me and I am sure that it will also work for you!

==>  and let me show you how to start planning your baby gender 

, either a boy or a girl. The calendar is basically a chinese gender chart, which was originally kept in a chinese royal tomb, near Peking city in China. Now, this original chinese conception calendar is stored and displayed at the Beijing Institute of Science. Chinese people believe that the chinese calendar for pregnancy is quite accurate, at almost 100% accuracy!

Some studies have confirmed that chinese calendar for pregnancy is 97% effective to predict baby gender. It is quite amazing isn’t it? Being able to plan a baby boy or a girl is important for many couples who plan to have a baby. Certainly, this chinese gender calendar predictor will be very useful for those couples.

Reading the chart is not difficult. You just need to add one to your (woman spouse) age, then refer to this to note when the baby is conceived. With those two variables available (Mom’s age and conceive months), find the baby gender based on the meeting point between conceived months and the age of the Mom. Now, as you know how to use this chinese calendar for pregnancy, you may start planning for the gender of your child. What would you like? a boy or a gir?

What chinese calendar for pregnancy is actually about

Many people talk about , which can allow you to predict baby gender. This calendar has been a famous discussion within people who want to plan the gender of their baby. There are also many claims saying that the method is quite effective. But do you know what chinese pregnancy calendar is about?

Well, is based on the moon’s cycles.

This lunar calendar is also known as chinese calendar for pregnancy, as it can be used for couples to choose the gender of their baby.

So, how do we use chinese ? Here are the steps you need to know:

Step #1
You need to add 1 to the woman’s age at time of conception.

Step #2
You need to refer to chinese lunar calendar to note when the baby was conceived

Step #3
Simply find the month (calculated in step #2) on the top of the chart and the calculated age in step #1 on the left side of the chart.

Step #4
Follow the coordinates from step #3 to find out whether it meets letter G (stands for girl) or letter B (stands for boy).

So now,
with the simple steps above, you can start discussion with your spouse to plan for your baby gender.

good luck!


is very useful to know the sex of unborn baby. Perhaps, the accuracy of this calendar is debatable, but some have proven that the result is incredibly accurate. This Chinese pregnancy calendar is more than 700 years old. According to the legend, this calendar was found in a royal tomb. However, no one can prove the accuracy if this calendar scientifically. It is more possible to use it as entertainment. But, if you really want to predict your unborn baby sex, you can use this Chinese calendar boy and girl as a personal guide.

History Of Chinese Calendar For Gender

The existence of Chinese calendar for pregnancy can not be separated from Chinese culture which tells of Chinese desire to prefer boys to girls. It stands to reason that China requires more soldiers for war and farmers to cultivate the land. Boys are conceived capable of making more money than girls. Meanwhile, girls would rather stay at home until they are married. Chinese boys used to be used to be soldiers since China has got many wars during the ages. Therefore, Chinese created so they will know earlier the sex of the unborn baby.

As Chinese scientist found this Chinese calendar for baby gender in the royal tomb, there are some other discoveries related to Chinese calendar boy girl, like Chinese gender calculator and Chinese table quiz predictions. All of them are basically just the same; predicting the gender of unborn babies. The prediction is basically derived from a belied saying that women of the same age is more possible to thought up babes in the same gender. It means that, Chinese calendar for baby gender, 21-year old women being pregnant in January is more possible to have a baby boy. All the possibility of unborn baby sex can be determined (despite non scientifically) by this .

can not be debated. The use of this pregnancy Chinese calendar is to determine whether the baby women are conceiving is boy or girl. Originally, Chinese did rely on this Chinese calendar baby gender to determine the unborn baby. It is very significant since boys will be seen more precious than girls. Boys are expected to do more than girls like in farming and being soldier for the country defense. Alternatively, girls are supposed to be at home, waiting for getting married.

How To Use My Pregnancy Calendar?

There are several steps how to use . If you have seen the calendar, there are columns and rows. There are numbers on the left indicating mother’s age at the time of conception. At the top of the Chinese birth calendar gender, there are months indicating the time when the baby was conceived. You only need to follow the row across for mother’s age, at the same time follow the columns of the time baby is conceived. Those two will meet at one spot which indicated the unborn baby gender.

Actually, , it is apparently a lunisolar calendar which is basically derived from sensible properties namely sun and moon. The accuracy of this calendar is based on real orbital position of the moon and sun. Astronomical theories and formulae used influence the accuracy and precision of this Chinese calendar for pregnancy.

was on the tomb of royal family. If it is true that it has been more than 700 years old, then we can predict that Chinese has used it since the age of imperialism. Basically, Chinese calendar is used to determine the unborn baby sex, whether boy or girl. This Chinese calendar pregnancy comes at many variations like Chinese lunar calendar, Chinese gender predictor or Chinese prediction chary. Although they are slightly different, the have the same function.

How Does This Work?

In order to know the unborn baby sex, you need to enter the calendar birthday and the month of conception. You can cross the month of the baby is likely conceived as well as the age of the mother at conception, and then it is believed that you can determine the birth of the unborn baby child. This Chinese birth chart boy or girl might have slight difference. The chart lets you to know by meeting the mother age of conception row and the month of conception in columns. The meeting spot is two options; boy or girl. Chinese calendar for pregnancy will tell you that a woman who conceives in February in the age of 20 will have boy baby.

This Chinese ovulation calendar can be accurate for some people who believe in it, but this can not be proven scientifically. Indeed, this is the easiest and simplest way to know the unborn baby gender. Likely, the most accurate way is at time of the OBGYN doctor tells you, “Congratulations, It’ is a boy” or “It is a girl”.  Ultrasound gender determinations might be more accurate than Chinese calendar for pregnancy.

, and she was so happy that that Chinese calendar gender told the truth. All in all, this Chinese calendar gender can be very accurate.

Accuracy And The Other Gender Predictions Method

We can trace back the Chinese calendar for pregnancy from the 14th BC. Chinese calendar for pregnancy gender or Chinese calendar gender is found by Chinese scientists on the royal tomb. The calendar itself is a lunisolar calendar. Basically, it is originally from rotational properties of the sun and the moon. So, it is true that this is based on accurate orbital positions of the sun and the moon. Therefore, the accuracy depends on astronomical theories and formulae used to determine the baby gender.

Meanwhile, story of a mother can not is truth which can not be proven scientifically. The result, however, might be accurate. Indeed, to determine the baby gender, there are only two factors, mother age of conception and the month of conception. This method can not make the baby Chinese pregnancy calendar to be accurate scientifically. As this does not come to conclusion, there are several methods to determine baby sex besides by . Drain Cleaner folk tells of if pregnant women urine is mixed with a teaspoon of drain cleaner, we can predict sex (girl=green; boy=blue). Nausea and vomiting can also become a sing of the unborn baby gender. If they are strong, so it is girl, vice versa none to mild is boy. Fetal heart rate under 140 means that the unborn baby is boy, and girl is more than 140. These methods are just the either examples of unscientifically accurate unborn baby predictor besides Chinese calendar for pregnancy.

is not a scientific way to know the baby gender, but it is such kind of guessing. Despite, some believe that this Chinese calendar gender prediction is not just prediction; it is a fact which 100% result.

Basic Thinking And Usage Of Chinese Prediction Calendar

Originally, Chinese prefer having a boy to girls since boy is seen to be able to make money than girls, and boys were expected to be a solider to defend the country. Then, this Chinese calendar for pregnancy was created and was found again by Chinese scientists on the tomb of royal family near Peking China. This now becomes more various. You will find it in several names like Chinese ovulation calendar or Chinese prediction calendar and calculator.

If you want to use the Chinese pregnancy calendar gender  you will only meet the age of woman of conception and the month of conception. Since it is based on lunar calendar, there will be some websites providing you with .


Chinese calendar for pregnancy for Chinese gender prediction calendar

Chinese calendar for pregnancy is a matter of important for the Chinese. Determining the baby’s  gender was a big matter for parents in Chinese society in the past, but even that is still a critical issue until now. Because male gender is more respected than female gender, which male gender believed to have more bright future and big role in family and in their society. Therefore, the Chinese calendar for pregnancy is being very important for couple to determine before having baby. In addition to calculate female fertility and female age, the couple will use for having intercourse.

The Chinese calendar for pregnancy uses Chinese calendar calculation based on lunar period. If you want to try it, you do not need to worry of being confused. You can find converted Chinese birth calendar in internet. By looking at woman’s age when conception occurred and the time the conception took place is the way of worked. It is as simple as that. You will see the baby’s gender prediction in a table consists of a row shows woman age and a column of months shows the conception time in Chinese calendar for pregnancy.

might help you to work your plan on having certain gender for the baby works out. For example if you want to have a baby boy. First step is you calculating your fertility time. After you got it, suppose that your fertility time is in mid December, you can check it into Chinese fertility calendar to make plan the right time for you to have intercourse with your spouse. Then, you may go to check on Chinese chart for baby gender to see the right time.

Chinese calendar for pregnancy helps you having son through Chinese calendar for baby boy.

Chinese calendar for pregnancy will show you some options of time that may match with your fertility time. You may take look at .  By considering your age and your fertility calculation time, then matching it with the time in Chinese lunar calendar for pregnancy. For example, your fertility time is in mid December and your age would be 30 years when having conception, you would see in the chart probability you would have a baby boy if you have intercourse within December. From there, you can decide the good time for you and your spouse having intercourse to get a baby boy you want it. You can compare the result between the Chinese calendar gender predictor and USG scan after you got pregnant and checked by USG scan.

Your USG scan result may have the same result as Chinese calendar gender predictor. But if it does not have the same result, you must remember that .